About the zeCBD website & its team

zeCBD (“The CBD”) is a website specializing in CBD hemp (legal cannabis without THC) created at the beginning of 2018 in Barcelona in SPAIN by a team passionate about digital marketing, by SEO (search engine optimization) and through the world of culture 420. Learn more about zeCBD below:

zeCBD is 420 Friendly!

zeCBD is SEO Friendly!

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 1
The guide to CBD online!

The 1st online guide dedicated to cannabidiol and cannabinoids!

Founded in 2018, zeCBD is the first internet portal entirely and exclusively dedicated to the world of cannabinoids, and to the online cannabidiol industry. We offer different sections and categories (information, advice, blog etc.) in our guides to inform you and learn what CBD is, its virtues, its benefits and its therapeutic properties. Find out which CBD products are available for sale, how to consume them, where to buy them etc. zeCBD is the # 1 guide to online CBD!

The first directory & comparison of online CBD shop!

Initially developed in the form of a simple blog for informational purposes as an individual, you will find that zeCBD has quickly become the 1st directory referencing professionals in the legal cannabis industry (supplier, distributor, wholesaler etc.). Working in partnership with the online CBD e-commerce managers from all over the world (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, Canada, USA etc), we quickly became the first partner of PROS of CBD!

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 2
Directory & Comparison of CBD shop

The partner of consumers and professionals!

It is by combining our values ​​(neutrality) and our philosophy (independence) that zeCBD has become in just a few months the number 1 partner of professionals in the cannabidiol industry, and online CBD consumers. No other “GUIDE & COMPARATIVE CBD ONLINE” offers so many shops from around the world (+100), discounts and price reductions (up to 20% !!!), or even a free voucher (up to € 10 free !!!)… right?

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 13

Find out what zeCBD's internet users & partners think:

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 14

Best comparison site for where to get CBD. The first two Weedy and 420 Green Road have largely earned their place. Lots of information on CBD, and tons of discount codes, you're perfect. Frankly, carry on the CBD needs site like this. A friend of mine was scammed 1 month ago on a site (which I will not mention here) and precisely it is the only site that you have blacklisted so in addition to classifying the best, you inform your visitors to potentially dangerous sites! Thank you. There is no more product comparator and you will be the top of the top 🙂

Ludovic. VS
Ludovic. VS
About the website zeCBD.com and its team 14

Being the manager of an online shop specializing in CBD, I must say that this site has helped us a lot to make us known even more. I recommend it to everyone: for customers in order to know where to get their supplies, to the online store (honest) to increase their sales. It is the best !

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 14

Thanks for what you do !

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 14

The best comparator to find the right online CBD store. Lots of information on CBD and how to consume it. To be used without moderation 🙂

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