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About the website zeCBD.com and its team

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 1

CBD, is cannabis finally legal?

Website zeCBD.com (which reads: "THE CBD .COM ”) is a directory specialized in CBD hemp (legal cannabis in cannabidiol without THC). The website is edited by a young team based in Spain à Barcelona above all passionate about two things: the world of culture 420 & new technologies : CMS, mobile application, social networks, digital marketing, SEO - Search Engine Optimization etc. It is therefore natural that the idea came to us to combine these two passions into one: zeCBD : )

zeCBD, the 1st website & mobile app with 100% CBD SEO!

When, how & why was the zeCBD.com website born?

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 2

CBD, the race for disinformation?

zeCBD is born in 2018 next to Murcia in Spain. Originally, it was just a simple blog of a few pages created when the CBD market was still emerging. I discovered and tried these products for the first time. We therefore do not claim the title of pioneer, expert, nor any particular knowledge or skill relating to CBD / cannabidiol. But we are passionate, attentive, and above all independent of the industrial, pharmaceutical and financial challenges of the very particular sector of legal marijuana!

zeCBD, the 1st independent and neutral blog and guide on cannabidiol!

From the 1st blog to the 1st online CBD Shop directory & comparator!

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 3

CBD, where can you buy it online?

Initially developed in the form of a simple blog for informational purposes as an individual, you will find that zeCBD has quickly become the 1st directory referencing professionals in the legal cannabis industry (supplier, distributor, wholesaler etc.). Working in partnership with online CBD e-commerce managers around the world (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Italy, Holland, United Kingdom, Canada, USA etc), we quickly became the 1st partner of the PROS of CBD!

zeCBD, the 1st partner of CBD professionals internationally!

zeCBD: the n ° 1 site for PROs & CBD CONSUMERS !!!

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 4It is by combining our values ​​(neutrality) and our philosophy (independence) that zeCBD has become in just a few months the number 1 partner of professionals in the cannabidiol industry, and of online CBD consumers. No other “GUIDE & COMPARATIVE CBD ONLINE” offers so many shops from around the world (+100), discounts and price reductions (up to 20% !!!), or even a free voucher (up to € 10 free !!!)… right?

zeCBD, the No. 1 online CBD site for PROs & Internet users!

zeCBD, the guide to CBD often copied, but (still) never equaled 😉

About the website zeCBD.com and its team 5

CBD, the green gold rush?

zeCBD is a resource for information on cannabidiol, community platform, and marketplace. Difficult to define, zeCBD (the CBD) lives up to its name unlike the nicknames “Doctor, Mister & Professor CBD .COM”😂

In summary, if we know where we come from, it's hard to know how far zeCBD will go in the legal hemp universe and industry. The history of zeCBD is written every day thanks to customer reviews from Internet users. But also thanks to the increasing confidence of CBD professionals. Thank you to you “zeCBDistes” 🙂

zeCBD, the 1st French-speaking community in the CBD online!