CBD Affiliation - FAQ & Presentation of PRO Partnerships

Affiliation is a method of remuneration for websites when they send users making purchases from online shops "Affiliated".

A user who buys a product with or without affiliate link will pay a strictly identical price.

Indeed, it is only the seller's profit margin which is attributed to marketing budget via these affiliate programs. This is the most common form of partnership on the internet due to the win-win & risk-free offered by this advertising campaign method.

Why zeCBD prefers by far the affiliation to the rest ...

At zeCBD we prefer the affiliation of very far to any purchase because:

  • It pays for our daily work,
  • This improves our site & your promotion,
  • This allows us to guarantee our independence and the free development of the site,
  • This allows ALL Pros to get visibility without significant investment,
  • And so allows a healthy, fair and fair competition between all online CBD Shop!

In conclusion, at zeCBD.com, an affiliate program seems to us rather rather constitute an incontestable pledge of transparency, reliability, honesty ... and even respect for the work of others.

CBD Affiliation - FAQ & Partnership Overview PRO 1The entire zeCBD team thanks very warmly its affiliated partners for their support and transparency!