CBD for animals: cannabidiol products for dogs and cats

All lovers and owners of pets want to offer the best possible quality and comfort of life to their dogs, cats, horses etc. But did you know that it is possible, in certain cases, to improve its quality of life with a supplement of diet for animal containing cannabidiol?

CBD for animals
CBD for animals 1

Why can CBD benefit animals?

Because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system (series of receptors that regulate cell communication). The endocannabinoid system is notably known to regulate bodily processes such as inflammation, mood, hormonal activity, hunger levels, energy level, sleep, immune functions etc. And CBD (cannabidiol) improves our endocannabinoid system by slowing down the degradation process of endocannabinoids to allow them to exert their effects longer.

How to choose the best CBD for your pet?

If you are considering giving cannabidiol to your pet, it is even more important to buy a good quality product, if not the best.

First step: assess the profile of the manufacturer, producer and distributor

First of all, it is obvious that we must flee and avoid all websites without legal notices, general conditions of sale etc. But that will not be enough to choose the right brand and the right product. It is recommended to buy your CBD products on transparent commercial signs, but also educational and pedagogical because a professional anxious to share useful knowledge is perhaps a little less in a search for maximum profit and at all costs. Check their website and social media to see which companies and businesses are actively working for a better common future, not just their bank account. Finally, some professionals are even more involved in charitable organizations, associations, or invested in research and development. These professionals are to be chosen in priority according to us.

Second step: analyze cannabidiol products for animals

Once you have found a manufacturer or reseller that satisfies you, it will then be necessary to consult its catalog of CBD products for animals and to analyze them according to this guide:

  1. Are the prices excessive or normal? For this, we advise you to compare the price of CBD to the weight per milligram. Just divide the total price by the total weight of cannabidiol present in the product and then compare to find out.
  2. What are the potencies in CBD? Depending on the size and weight of your pet, but also based on your experience with CBD, it is recommended that you buy very low doses if you are just starting out.

How to calculate the CBD dosage for an animal?

How to know what is the safe, effective and optimal dose of cannabidiol for your pets is not easy for beginners and novices. First of all, the golden rule in this area is to start with low doses, to draw the consequences, then eventually increase the dosage by stages, gradually and slowly. the weight of your animal, you can start with a dose equal to 1 mg of CBD per kilo In addition, the manufacturers and distributors of CBD for animals are supposed to provide you with precise dosage guides per product, as well as an indication of the effects. expected by cannabidiol product.
CBD for animals 2