CRISTAL CBD: all about cannabidiol crystals

Consuming cannabidiol (CBD) has become one of the most popular ways to naturally treat a variety of health problems such as pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety, stress, addiction, etc. Among the cannabidiol products most appreciated by consumers, there is the “CBD Crystal”. So what are CBD crystals? How to consume them? What are the pros and cons of this method of CBD administration? We answer you!
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What is CBD crystal? What are CBD crystals?

In short, CBD crystals are the purest form of cannabidiol among the CBD products available on the market. Indeed, the CBD crystals are only composed of 100% pure CBD. No other chemical compound is present (no THC, CBC, CBN, CBG etc.). This is explained by the crystal structure of this product. These are pure microscopic cannabidiol cresaux resembling white powder. In reality, it is the same crystallization process as for other crystals such as sugar or salt. So if the “powdery” aspect of CBD crystal suggests a synthetic product, this is not the case because it is 100% natural!

What are the benefits of CBD crystals?

In two words: versatility & precision! The CBD crystal allows administration of cannabidiol in multiple forms: added to a drink, to be eaten, in capsules, oil, vaporization, smoked, dab rig etc. In addition, the CBD crystal allows extreme precision to calculate its doses and prepare its dosage. CBD crystal is therefore an ideal and perfectly suitable medium for people wishing to personalize their treatment and administration of cannabidiol. But also for all those who want higher doses.
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How to calculate the dosage in CBD crystal?

There is no universal answer to this question since the administration of CBD depends on each profile according to multiple parameters and factors. However, the great advantage of CBD crystal is that it allows you to modify and personalize your dosage as desired. For new cannabidiol users, it is generally advisable to start with 5-10 mg of CBD per day, then assess the effects and how your body responds. But above all to consult your doctor before taking any CBD supplements.

How are CBD crystals made?

You can create CBD crystal in different ways. Among the popular methods, there may be mentioned the ethanol or butane extraction methods. But the best extraction method seems to be that of CO2 which does not require additional solvents or heat, thus guaranteeing greater purity of the final product.
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Who is the CBD crystal for?

Cannabidiol in crystal form is recommended for experienced users and experienced consumers who want the highest concentration of CBD possible. And not recommended for neophytes because this high concentration and content of cannabidiol can quickly lead to excessive consumption of CBD. Fortunately, studies show that there is no risk in case of an overdose ... apart from a loss of money.

How to buy the best CBD crystals?

Buying the best cannabidiol is not easy in front of the multitude of online suppliers and distributors all claiming to be the best and market leader ... So how to avoid scams and disappointment? How to find quality and cheap CBD crystal? In reality, it is not that complicated if we carry out an analysis:

1st question: where and how is CBD cannabis grown?

To get a high quality CBD crystal, it naturally starts with high quality CBD hemp! The initial cultivation of CBD cannabis will make all the difference afterwards. It is therefore recommended to verify that the shop undertakes to supply cannabidiol from 100% organic cultivation, without GMOs or pesticides.

2nd question: is CBD analyzed by an independent laboratory?

The best producers and suppliers of CBD crystals will highlight the results of tests and analyzes carried out in an independent laboratory on their website. These tests make it possible to know the traceability of hemp as well as its chemical composition. So ask yourself about those who don't and are opaque…

3rd question: how much does cannabidiol per mg cost?

Depending on the size, quantity and concentration of the product, prices vary enormously, not to mention the many promotions and promo codes ... so to buy your CBD crystal at the best price, just the total price per mg in the container to find out who is offering the price the cheapest. Regarding its CBD content, it is recommended to buy only CBD crystals with a guaranteed content with a purity of 99%.