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CBD FLOWER: cannabis flowers / hemp with cannabidiol

The flowers are the "original product " hemp (in Latin: cannabis) unlike all other CBD products that are "processed”Like hash, oil, e-liquid, creams etc. It is therefore the bud and fruit of the plant, and the most widely used cannabis product across the planet. Known by various names such as “weed / beuh / grass", Cannabis flower has been consumed and used by humans for millennia, and for different purposes (medical, therapeutic, recreational, ritual etc.). Considered a narcotic product (illegal drug) until the (re) discovery of the cannabidiol molecule, today there are in some ways two cannabis flowers: the illegal flower with THC, and the CBD flower without THC which has become legal in many countries in recent years.

How can one consume cannabis flowers?

  1. SPRAY: using a vaporizer is a very discreet method of consuming CBD since it is almost smoke-free (at least persistent), it is more economical / economical compared to smoking its flowers in a classic way, and it is better for health since it does not burn!
  2. SMOKING: since 3,000 years is the method No. 1 to consume dried cannabis flowers, whether with a pipe, rolling a joint or in a bang, but it is harmful to health (carcinogenic effects) given the burning that destroys a lot of cannabinoids in passing!

How to buy the best CBD cannabis flowers?

No mystery ... the best hemp flowers are all from organic and natural farming. Why ? Quite simply because cannabis is “bio-accumulator”. This means that the hemp plant absorbs and retains all the chemical components present in its environment (air, soil, water).

Thus, in the presence of pesticides, or even worse, heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, lead etc.) in cultivated soils as is often the case in India or China for example. An organic and natural culture allows to offer a healthy and secure growing environment for your plants.