CBD cannabis resin: Hashish, Hash, Pollen, Shit etc.

The most consumed product in the world by marijuana users after cannabis flowers, hashish (also called Hash, Resin, Pollen, Shit etc.) is an extract of hemp plants found in solid form, more specifically resin, and brown in color (more or less light or dark depending on the hash).

Resin & Hash 1

How to use CBD cannabis resin?

Hash is generally consumed by combustion by smoking it in a “joint” but this is strongly discouraged because it is very harmful to health. It is however possible to consume resin by vaporization also, or even by ingestion.

What differences, advantages and disadvantages?

In the case of consumption of CBD resin by ingestion, the effects are felt several tens of minutes after its consumption, and the effects are much longer to dissipate compared to consumption by smoke in a joint.

Which CBD cannabis resin to buy?

Presentation of the different kinds of cannabis resin
Yes, the “hash” can have different consistencies depending on the method of manufacture, processing, and depending on the cannabis plants used. So the hash can be either very oily and sticky, or very dry and solid. It is not a quality criterion, but only a consequence of its raw material and manufacturing condition.

"Dry & powdery" hash

Light brown in color, and with a "powdery" texture, it is a hash easy to roll and often less expensive than the other ranges.

"Fat & Sticky" Hash

Dark brown in color, and similar to resin in its oily and sticky texture, it is a generally powerful and fragrant hash.

"Hybrid" hash

Picking up the benefits of pollen and resin, this shit is the most popular among cannabis users.

What is the best hash? How to choose ?

To buy the best hashish, it is more than strongly advised to choose a producer who has opted for 100% natural and organic farming. And this for a very good reason, because hemp is a plant called “bioaccumulative”. Concretely, this means that the cannabis plant absorbs all the chemical compounds from its environment present in the air or the soil. So if pesticides, or worse, heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, or mercury are present, they will then be found in the pollen constituting your hash ... Organic and natural cannabis cultivation, on the contrary, offers a healthy and safe growing environment for plants.

Resin & Hash 2

What are the best hashish coffee shops?

Discover below the best online CBD shop to buy cannabis resin:

Popular with consumers, these online stores are renowned for offering the best CBD cannabis resins at attractive prices:

Resin & Hash 3
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  • 1. Is CBD cannabis resin legal?

    It depends on your country. In many countries, cannabidiol hash is legal as long as it has a THC content of less than 0,2%.

  • 2. Where can you buy Hash CBD online?

    There are many online stores offering cannabis resin for sale, whether from producers, coffee shops or suppliers.

  • 3. What price & quantity of purchase for hashish?

    The prices depend on the shops, and on the quantity purchased because the price is decreasing. It is possible to buy hash per gram or more: 10g, 50gr, 100 grams, 1 kilogram etc.


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Which product to choose? How to consume cannabidiol? Where can you buy legal cannabis?