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Flowers weed Moon Rock

Similar to lunar rock, hence its name “Moon rock"(moon stone) the moonrock marijuana flowers are a new form of cannabis flowers invented in the United States, and often attributed to the American rapper KORUPT.

But Moon Rock is mostly known as the "Weed" ou "grass" the most powerful in the world! Discover in our article and guide all the information relating to this new hemp-based product:

What is Moon Rock? What is it made of?

The peculiarity of the “MOON ROCK” is that it is actually quite simply a hemp head / flower which was infused in cannabis oil, and then covered with Pollen also called "Kif".

How to make your own moonrock in DIY mode?

It is quite simple to make your own moonrock in DIY mode (do it yourself) as soon as you have all the necessary ingredients, namely: cannabis flower, hemp oil, and pollen / kif.

Is moonrock really the strongest weed on sale?

We find Moon Rock cannabis flowers in both coffee shop in Spain or Holland, and therefore with THC, that in CBD Shop Online. The rates are the same, and indeed, a fleur moonrock will be the most powerful weed that you can buy.

La weed moonrock includes a CBD (or THC) level which can vary between 30 and 70%! Which explains its exorbitant price: from 30 to 100 € per gram of moonrock.

The best CBD MOON ROCK flowers available for sale online:

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