CBD oils are the most common form of consumption of cannabidiol worldwide, and this for at least two major advantages because CBD oil is easy to dose and long storage life. But there is a very wide choice of cannabidiol oils on the internet, from the best to the worst qualities. Discover with this guide all the useful information on CBD oil and learn how to choose the right oil.

Which cannabidiol oil to choose?

Given the complexity of the choice, it is not easy for a beginner and novice to choose the right CBD oil. Indeed, there are many differences between the compositions of cannabidiol oils. Especially in front of the other cannabinoids (CBC - cannabichromene / CBG - cannabigerol / CBN (cannabinol) / THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) etc.) which may be incorporated into the composition of the oil as well as the terpenes from cannabis plants: myrcene, apha / beta-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, bisabolol, borneol, camphene, d-linalool, eucalyptol, limonene, pulegone etc.

Which “carrier” oil should you choose for your CBD oil?

CBD oil is made up of two ingredients: a carrier oil, and CBD extract. The choice of carrier oil is therefore also an important criterion, as is the choice of cannabidiol. It is possible to buy cannabidiol oils composed from these carrier oils:

  1. Triglyceride oil MCT: it is the most widely used carrier oil on the market because it is inexpensive, tasteless, and above all it has maximum solubility.
  2. Cannabis seed oil: considered as a “PREMIUM” carrier oil, it is put forward by producers a synergy between the oil derived from cannabis, and CBD.
  3. Olive oil : inexpensive, and with a characteristic flavor, some producers offer CBD oils made with an olive oil carrier.
  4. Sweet almond oil : relatively expensive, but with a nutty taste, it is a light oil with a very interesting solubility.
  5. Avocado oil : rich in fatty acid, and renowned for its health benefits, with a unique avocado flavor, it is an original CBD oil to discover.
  6. Argan Oil : the most expensive oil on the market, and recommended for application on the skin or hair, it is the most high-end CBD oil.

How to choose the right CBD oil?

All CBD oils available for sale online from producers, brands and coffee shops are not equal, far from it. So how do you tell the difference between good and bad quality cannabidiol oil?

Beware of lies and misleading information:

With a brand new legal cannabis market, hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses and companies have entered the cannabidiol product business. As a result, there are many CBD oils of poor quality or far too expensive for what they are actually worth. And in this game of profit at the expense of quality, shops do not hesitate to indicate false concentration in CBD.

Oil with organic hemp or not?

A big question from cannabidiol consumers is “should you buy CBD oil from organic cannabis? ”. The main question is whether the price difference is worth it. And the answer is yes ! For the good reason that cannabis is a plant that we call “bioaccumulator”. This means that hemp has a very high capacity to absorb chemical compounds from its environment, especially in the air and the soil that surrounds it. This is the reason why cannabis is known to grow everywhere like a weed. But the major risk is that of the plant's absorption of pesticides and other heavy metals such as chromium, zinc, copper, iron, lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum etc. Buying organic CBD oil from organic farming is therefore the guarantee of a hemp cultivated in healthy and natural environments. But it is expensive to cultivate an organic cannabis culture, and even more to prove it with regular independent laboratory analyzes. In the event that you still want to buy a non-organic CBD oil, at least make sure that the seller offers analysis by an independent laboratory attesting to the absence of heavy metals and pesticides. Be aware that CBD oils made in India and China are “risky” since their soils are among the most contaminated in the world…