zeCBD, the first directory of CBD on the internet, presents you here, in its guide to sellers of cannabidiol products, the category of resellers of CBD that we qualify as “PRODUCER". So what is a CBD producer? What are its differences and advantages compared to other distributors of cannabidiol hemp products? Answers here in our guide to CBD producers:

CBD producers: hemp cultivation specialists

A CBD producer is above all a cannabis grower which has hemp fields. It is therefore a specialist farmer in growing marijuana, with skills and expertise in cannabinoids. Depending on the country and the climatic conditions, it is possible to grow hemp in outside (outdoor) or interior (Indoor / greenhouse).

The producer of CBD, a manufacturer of hemp products

The vast majority of producers are also transformers et Manufacturers of CBD hemp-based products. Indeed, very few producers offer only the original cannabis product, namely the CBD flowers. Most companies transform and manufacture CBD products in all possible forms imaginable with for example e-liquid, oils, creams, capsules, WAX, Hashish, or even cosmetic products et edible (drinks, food etc.).

What are the disadvantages & benefits of buying from a CBD producer?

To tell the truth, we see only advantages, starting with the fact of opting for a short commercial circuit. Here, no endless and useless intermediaries. The sale takes place directly from producer to consumer. In addition, producers are proud of their product, and they know them. You will therefore have the details of their products, laboratory analyzes, its manufacturing method explained etc.


CBD Flower Producer & Wholesaler


Producer & Wholesaler of CBD Switzerland

Which online CBD producer to choose to buy cannabidiol?

zeCBD presents you below the best producers of CBD online for an online purchase!


Producer & Wholesaler of CBD in the USA


Slovenian CBD Producer & Wholesaler


CBD producer in Switzerland


Cannabidiol oil producer


CBD producer in Austria


CBD producer in France